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VAST products are innovative, high quality, up-gradable and reliable. Whether you are a data center with a desire to cut millions from their overhead or a single computer person with a desire to reduce the size of their footprint and gain security all in a single package. VAST 3.5″ Solid State Flash Array Drive External Models are optionally equipped with battery back up and on board WIFI.

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Vast Technology Corp. has just announced the world’s highest capacity storage drive ever created, the Infini 128 Terabyte (TB) Drive. It is the World’s first Solid State Flash Array Drive (SSFAD), and makes it the undisputed highest storage capacity drive in existence.

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Vast Technology has currently developed 4TB, 8TB, 16TB, 25TB, 32TB and 128TB drives which are in beta test. The cost of Vast SSFAD Devices will be slightly lower than the cost for SSD’s, market analysis has shown that Nand Flash drops in price about every 4 to 6 months. We are also currently developing a 512TB SSFAD.

Vast has several patents protecting the technology, SD Cards are Nand-Flash Cards, so essentially all SSD are also a SD Card readers because they read the nand-flash cards that are soldered onto the board. When reading 1 card is its called a card-reader, when reading multiple nand-flash cards or SD cards simultaneously, its called a Flash Drive or a Solid State Drive. Vast Technology has developed & mastered a way to make the unit work with raid within raid, with hot swap features, which has never been done before, some other features of the VastStick, also include; read/write speeds of USB3.1. unit is scalable, upgradable, compatible with all devices, wireless and self powered. Because this a new technology we can understand your negative concern, but one should always do their research before making negative statements. We look forward to beta testers of our Next-Gen devices.

Vast Technology Group Market Reports and Market Analysis within the last 5 years show that Flash Memory production has increased by over 2000% and prices have dropped by 50%-70% on average each year, and they will be at par with HDD within 2 years, and eventually be cheaper than HDD. On the other hand, HDD production has dropped by over 50% during that same time period, and HDD are on the way out, probably making them become obsolete within the next 5-10 years just like cassette tapes are. Not to mention the extremely High Failure Rate of Hard Drives, at an average 7-10% per year, which in essence defeats the purpose of having a backup if it will ultimately have a high chance of failure and risk losing all your data. VastStick was made with this in mind, that is why you can buy the unit and populate it as your needs grow, start with a few as 1 card and add more as you need to, while Flash Memory prices drop and You can Grow as You Go.

Yes it can read/write at the same time.

Our next product in development that we plan to launch soon will give you up to 1TB of Storage in our chassis for smartphones at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost you to upgrade for just a few meager GB with smartphone companies.

Vast Technology the VastStick will be programmable, so you can set it with or without raid, and use it with as few as 1 microSD or as many as 16. In addition the VastStick is versatile, portable, expandable and is the base device for the next generation home cloud system Vast Technology will be implementing in the near future. Some great updates: Arrow Electronics a global 23 Billion Technology company has just endorsed and supported us.

You don’t need to chain them together, the VastStick can currently house up to 4TB with current commercially grade 256GB cards, 512GB & 1Tb microSD cards are only available now for enterprise, eventually they will be commercially available which will allow you to increase your capacity accordingly.

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